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My main Discord Account ( Ryder Belserion#3548 ) was token logged. Since that happened, I completely stopped working on the Minecraft Server for the time being.

I've been in contact with Discord Support for a few days now for hours. Started getting very stressed with everything so I stopped and went to enjoy myself.

You can find the new discord by going to https://corecraft.me/discord but there is nothing but a singular channel in there.

The next thing I've been debating is switching from Discord -> Guilded and grow the server there even if I get my account back or even just advertise both s...

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A new website! Finally a place to post announcements other then the Discord...

2021 has finally ended, It was a year of uncertainty.. It was chaotic and rather fast paced unlike previous years. I should have made this post prior to 2022 yet here I am. 1.18.1 was a long awaited release to finally breath life into what is called Minecraft. A world full of new world generation and rather limitless possibilities.

As the new age of Minecraft begins so does a new chapter for CoreCraft. We previously tried working on a SkyBlock Server however that seems to not be everyone's cup of tea and is rather hard to work on. It's really a dull experience the longer you play.

With 1.18.1 re...

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